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Knowing when to use the PAST PERFECT tense

The 12 verb tenses

Dear students,
Take a look at the following chart. I find it very useful and easy to understand. It can help you remember verb tenses in English:

The 12 verb tenses

See you around...

Tuesday, 22 October 2019


Dear students,
Once more, our 3r ESO students have created some amazing blogs where you'll find loads of information about their latest crazes. 
Take a look because they're worth it (even if some of them still have to improve their English a lot ;)

1. Jan and Miquel V.: Outfits
2. Aleix, Júlia and Joan Marc: Curiosities
3. Mar and Clàudia: Money Heist
4. Ramon and Aitor: Strange Shoes
5. Marc P., Joel B. and Ramon B.: Winter Sports
6. Ivan and Júlia P.: Animals
7. Martina V. and Miriam P. Crazy about shoes
8. Carmelo and Eric: Real Zaragoza
9. Júlia M. and Júlia J.: Cooking
10. Javier S. and Samuel: Top 10 most visited countries
11. Martina P. and Martina F.: Society
12. Ariadna and Núria M.: Famous people
13: Jessica and Miquel C.: Sports

Why don't you write some comments for each blog! Be nice:)