Thursday, 11 September 2008

"Quantum of solace" trailer

Dear ESO students,
This is the trailer for the new James Bond film called "Quantum of solace". What does the title mean? Why don't you find it out and send me your comments with the translation?


marc said...

I'm not really sure but in the other film call (Casino royale) James bond lost the love of his life and he didn't have nothing of solace.
The meaning of the title is "cuántica de consuelo" but this title is a little difficult to understand, I think more better for us could be "Un pedazo de consuelo".
James wants to find the men who kills his woman for avenge her death in the new film.

jm truco said...

Ok, Marc...I guess it's Marc Cerqueda!? Remember to write your name and surname, please.
I think you're right with the second title.
Just one thing: What's wrong with " more better for us" - there's a little mistake. Can you find it?
Brilliant work, Marc. Thanks.

Alex Borras said...

My opinion is the same that that of Marc Cerqueda but the movie "Quantum of solace " I believe the name of this film is "Un trozo de consuelo"

jose miguel said...

Ok Alex. Thanks for your comment. Both titles are very similar and I think both are correct.

oriol said...

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