Saturday, 28 February 2009

Saint Patrick's Day (March 17th)

Dear students,
Saint Patrick's day is just around the corner. It's a very important day for Ireland and Irish people all over the world. Take a look at these videos about St Patrick's day. 
St Patrick's day:
History of St Patrick's day:
Did you know that the shamrock is one of the symbols of Ireland? 
Do you know other Irish symbols?
If you want to know more about Ireland, Nikol (2nB) found this great web page with everything you need to know about "Fantasy Ireland"
(Take a look at the section of "Symbols")
Thanks Nikol.
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Alejandro said...

Maybe the Irish beer is a good symbol.

See you

jmtruco said...

That's quite right, Alejandro.
Guinness is an Irish symbol all over the world.
Thanks for your comment.

Anonymous said...
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Anna Cerqueda said...

I think that the statue Molly Malone is a very nice symbol.

Good bye see you tomorrow!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Leprechaun is a symbol of an Irish goblin.


Anna Mauri..xd

Oriol Sole said...

Gold Wall Cross is a symbol from Irish


Oriol Sole said...

I think bye see you tomorrow

Neus De la Cruz said...

The green color is a very good symbol! ;)

Byee see you!


Alba García said...

The Irish harp is a simbol of the Irish culture.

Good Bye!

Alba García said...
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Patricia Deltell said...

I think the Arpa Irlandesa is very beautiful .
I like very much !!
Good bye !!

Sara Moles said...

The Claddagh ring is an Irish symbol.

See you tomorroy, bye


sergiiiii said...

The Shamrock its a very good symbol

pol said...

I think the treasure at the end of the rainbow and some Leprechaun keep it

pol said...

i'm pol de la cruz
bye teacher, see you soon

Anonymous said...

A thing, that is very typical of Ireland is the music, especially folk music.
Groups U2 and The Corrs are of there.

Bye, see you!

Anonymous said...

(Anna Sáez)

Xènia said...

saint patrick is a peculiar saint from ireland, and there ara other symbols like the claddagh rings and the shamrock.


Xavier Sànchez said...

I think that the Irish shield is a good simbol too

See you


Adria said...

I think that the harp of Erin is an simbol about "Saint Patrick's Day"

By:Adria Tarroja

clara said...
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clara said...

I think the triple spiral is a symbol of Ireland.

See you!

clara rosell

Andrea said...

Hi teacher !
I think that the pot of gold , at the other side of the rainbow is a good symbol of Ireland!

Bye! See you tomorrow

Andrea 1 ESO A

elva said...

I think that one of the most important symbols of ireland is the harp.

Bye ! See you

Elva 1 ESO A

Beatriz said...

A very important symbol in the day of Saint Patrick and in Ireland is the colour green.

Bye!! See you tomorrow.

Beatriz v. 1 ESO A

Gerard Rovira said...

Some Irish symbols are:

- The Irish flag: The Tricolour
- The Shamrock
- The Celtic cross
- The Leprechaun
- The Harp
- The Claddagh Ring


cristian said...

Hi teacher,
The colours of the Flag, the Irish Harp, the Shamrock, the Claddang Ring, the Celtic Cross are very nice symbol.

Cristian Paez

Rosa said...

Leprechaun is a very famouse goblin in Ireland.
It's a very nice symbol.


Nikol said...

Hi teacher.
I found this web page: