Wednesday, 11 April 2012

The Latest Craze

Dear students,
Our 3r ESO students have created some very nice blogs about their latest crazes. There are many different topics (apart from FASHION!!!!) and designs. Well done everyone!!

 Sara M., Thais and Mika (3r A) -  FF - Fashion and Films / Fashion and Films (2)
Sergi F. (3r B.) - Parkour
Pau and Dani (3r B) - The Walking Dead 
Paula and Núria G. (3r B) - Pets for Everybody
Sònia R. and Sabrina (3r B) - Fashion
Roger T. (3r B) - Music Today
Joan (3r A) - Mixed Arts
Ferran and Roger C. (3r A) - The Golden Ball
Clàudia and Júlia V. (3r A) - Celebrities and Fashion
Jordi (3r A) - Apple World 
Adrià and Manel (3r A) - Lestohack (!!!!)
Lluís (3r A) - Jumpstyle
Marc and Angela (3r A) - Music is my life 
Marcos (3r B) - Italian Food
Maria and Mònica (3r A) - About Fashion
Sara P. and Núria L. (3r B) - Crazy about Fashion
Roger V. (3r B) - Kenichi
Lorena (3r A) - Animals and Nature
Cristina and Montserrat (3r B) - Women
Andrea and Sònia N. (3r B) - Dresses

See you around...

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