Friday, 5 April 2013

Students' blogs (3r ESO B)

Dear students,
Once more, our 3r ESO students have created some amazing blogs where you'll find loads of information about their latest crazes (COD, nails, fashion, guitar players, football, basketball, music, technology, fast cars, women, photos,even wrestling etc.). Take a look because it's worth it (even if some of them still have to improve their English a lot ;)

1. Juliette: Nail art and design
2. Eudald and Adrià: Sport
3. Pau F.: FC Barcelona
4. Maria and Isel: TV programmes
5. Arnau: Call of Duty
6. Pau S.: Fast cars
7. Laura and Arantxa: Afraid of nothing (helpful pieces of advice)
8. Mar: A pinch of fashion
9. Claudi and Meritxell: Photos
10. Silvia: Hairstyles 
11. Marc and Sergi: Music addiction
12. Ramon: Wrestling
13. Laura and Anna: Shoes
14. Lourdes: Fashion trends
15. Alex C: Best bands
16. Alba and Alex F. Greenday
17. Oriol: Motorbikes
18. Sonia and Mariona: Dancing
19. Dani and Sergi: Games
20. Ismael and Alex B: History of Call of Duty

Well done!! See you around.

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