Friday, 22 May 2015


Hi everyone,
Once more, our students have created some fantastic blogs. Take a look!! Write some comments (be positive, ok?)
1. Gemma and Ximena: Animalpedia
2. Meritxell and Marina: One Direction
3. Adriana  and Mar G.: Teenagers life
4. Sergi A. : Moto GP
5. Júlia C. and Alba R: Txarango
6. Alícia and Anna C: Summer outfits
7. Judit and Ana R: Happy sweet
8. Aina and Elisenda: Gossip Ladies
9. Marc D. and Joan: Tourism in Catalonia
10. Toni: NBA
11. Elena: Animals
12. Alex S. and Sergi T. The USA
13. Paloma and Ariadna: Demoiselles (c'est chic!!!)
14. Sandra: Decoration 
15. Vica: Dogs (cute!!!)
16. Júlia E. and Maria M. Around the world
17. Sergi D. and Albert C. Premier League
18. Martha: Pop music
19. Núria N. and Mar C. Hairstyles
20. Alan and Marc G. Castellers (Human towers)
21. Joana and Anna: Bookworms
22. Jaume: Kings of Rock
23. Iker: Zone Gamer
24. Eduard M. and Lin Zheng: NBA
25. Flors and Maria C. Teenargers 
26. Àlex C. Basketball world
27. Pau and Àlex R. Nike shoes
28. Sergi L. Climbing
29. Hajar and Laura: Cakes
30. Guillem and Rubén: Fishing
31. Oriol and Jordi: Free time
32. Roc and Albert B. FIFA 2015

Well done!!! See you in class...

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