Friday, 11 September 2009


Dear students,
As you all know some English sounds are a bit difficult because we don't have them in our language. Here you'll find an introduction to English sounds through nice pictures and related to some easy vocabulary. I think it's a very useful resource if you want to improve your pronunciation.
See you


Oscar said...

Hi teacher!!!! i'm oscar (oscar salas) do you remember my no? haha i'm writting you in english!!! =D
haha now in my univeristy i have english subject!!! i have english and economy!!
hahah the next wednesday i'm going to do a difficult english exam!!! aGgg....i hate it!!! hahaha
The next friday (not tomorrow) probably i will go to the school to see all the people (i will be in the school, because here "in barcelona" there's no class! Bye Teacher!!!!!!! =D

PD: if you want to say something, i will read this blog for the next days! ;)

jm truco said...

Hi Oscar!! I can't believe you're writing in English!!!! Your favourite subject!
It's great to hear from you and to know that you're studying in Barcelona, wow!! that's fantastic!!
I hope you study a lot of English and that your exam is OK!!!
I hope I'll see you on Wednesday!
Good luck and see you soon!!