Monday, 21 September 2009

A Survey: Your Favourite Music (2n ESO)

Dear students,
We've started a survey with 2n ESO students about music and their favourite bands, singers, etc.
We'll publish the results next week so post your comments or send me your TOP 3 via email. For the moment, we have votes for Green Day, Taylor Swift, Paramore, etc.
See you around


Annaaa said...

Hi teacher, my fabourite group is "Simple plan", and my fabourites vocalists are "Jesse McCartney" and "Avril Lavigne".

Annaa Maauri.

xenia castellvi said...

these are my favourite singers/bands:

-Demi Lovato
-Hayden Panettierre
-Jonas brothers

jm truco said...

Thanks a lot for your comments

Alba Garcia said...
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Alba Garcia said...

Hi! my favourite vocalist is Taylor Swift.

Albaa Garciia.

neeeeeus said...
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neeeeeus said...

Hi teacher!

My favorite bands and vocalists are Lady Gaga, Green Day and Black eyes peas.

Good weekend!(:

elva said...

1.the names of the members of the group are John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr.
2.Lennon: He played The guitar, the bass guitar, the piano and the harmonica, he is also a vocalis.
McCartney: The bass guitar, the piano the guitar, the key boards and the drums.
Harrison: The guitar.
starr: The drums, the guitar, the piano, the key boards and he is also a vocalist.
3. they're all from Liverpool, and Ringo is from Dingle (liverpool).
4.The name of teir first album is: Please Please Me (1963)
5. The name of their last album is:
Abbey Road (1969)
6. They started in 1962, and they finished in 1970.
7.John Lennnon was murdered, he was shot.
8. I like: Yesterday, Help and Love me do.
My parents top 3: Norwegian Wood, here comes the sun and Lucy in the Sky with diamonds.

sandra maria said...

Hi teacher, my favourite group is paramore and my favourite singer is Avril Lavigne.